Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Wordy-Gurdy on the radio, March 2017

What's flamenco got to do with it? We went all Hispanic-tinged after returning from five weeks in Spain. The musical highlights were definitely flamenco – 11 performances around the country really highlighted the regional flavours, from its heartland in the south, all the way up to Madrid and Barcelona.
And catching some jazz and blues gigs just served to remind me of what great events we have here in Melbourne, every night of the week.
We focused on brilliant vocals and guitar from the Americas right through the Pacific, jumping from Spanish poetry and flamenco to New York City to Tex-Mex to Brazil to Hawaii, where the Mexican cowboys introduced guitars.

Enrique Morente, ‘Aleluya’, Omega: The songs of Federico GarcĂ­a Lorca and Leonard Cohen (Universal Music)
Rick Trevino, ‘El Gustito’, The Oxford American Southern Music Issue: Texas (Oxford American)
Diana Clark w/ Doug de Vries, Stephen Grant, ‘Mama Africa’, dc3: Diana Clark Live (indie)
Bruce Clarke w/Andy Iona, Bobby Nichols et al, The greatest guitarists you’ve never heard of vol. 3, The electric guitar takes flight (1932–45) (indie)

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